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Visit Unified Greeley County, a western Kansas community looking to the future with technology and healthcare access while holding fast to the community spirit and family values that typify rural life! We know little of traffic and the hassles of city life. We know our neighbors and are active in the community. We relish open skies, vibrant sunsets, peace of mind, and an unrivaled quality of living. 

Greeley County is home to Tribune, Kansas, and Horace, Kansas, two rural towns located within two miles of one another along Kansas Highway 96. We’re just fifteen miles from the Colorado border, which encourages self-sufficiency, creativity, and a can-do attitude that keeps local residents active and entertained! A vibrant recreation program, coupled with a community-owned theater, a modern swimming pool, a 9-hole grass green golf course, and a family bowling alley provide opportunities for community and visitors’ recreation. 

Greeley County’s Horace Greeley Museum showcases the history of the community, including a Columbi mammoth skull unearthed by a local farmer in the 1980s. Housed in the original county courthouse, which dates back to the late 1800s, the museum also boasts an extensive collection of genealogical materials and artifacts from everyday life throughout the community. 

Take time to enjoy Greeley County and all it has to offer.  We’re looking forward to seeing you for the June Jaunt and hope you’ll see why we call it “life as it should be!”

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