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“Leoti is excited to have the opportunity to participate in the 2019 June Jaunt and look forward to demonstrating what the community has to offer.”


Robyn Tokoi

Wichita County Economic Development, Inc.

620.375.2182 (office)

"We are a group of communities working together to provide an All American weekend in Central-Western Kansas! We have great things happening in our communities and we are excited to be partners in a great adventure for our area!"

Christina Hayes, CVB Director/Community Coordinator

The City of Great Bend


"June Jaunt is a time for celebration across communities to highlight and partake in what our region has to offer!"

Lindsay Singley, Executive Director

Scott City Area Chamber of Commerce

620-872-3525 ext. 1 

"Each community takes great pride in welcoming guests and making sure both locals & visitors have a great time.  We look forward to seeing everyone in June!"

Crystal Hoffman, June Jaunt Coordinator

Lane County Economic Development

Phone: 620-397-2809

Facebook “Lane County Eco Devo Happenings”

“We’re excited for this year’s June Jaunt, for the chance to share our community to all who visit during the activity-packed three days of the event!”


Christy Hopkins, Director

Greeley County Community Development

(620) 376-2548

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